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‘Twin Peaks’ actress Sherilyn Fenn tweets a cryptic clue – CNET

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Finally, 2017 is here. For "Twin Peaks" fans that means the long-awaited return of the beloved mystery series on Showtime.

We don't know the exact launch date, but thanks to actress Sherilyn Fenn, who played Audrey Horne in the original '90s show, we know it's coming soon.

"It's happening again…..this year….sooner than you think…" Fenn tweeted on Monday. The tweet includes a mysterious image of Agent Cooper, played by Kyle MacLachlan, standing inside the Black Lodge, a parallel universe that Cooper finds while dreaming about Laura Palmer's murder. Here's hoping the new Showtime series gives fans more insight into this extra-dimensional place.

Not only are Audrey Horne and Agent Cooper returning to the new "Twin Peaks" series, but characters Shelly Johnson (Madchen Amick), Michael Horse (Deputy Hawk), Bobby Briggs (Dana Ashbrook), Deputy Andy Brennan (Harry Goaz), James Hurley (James Marshall), David Duchovny (Denise/Dennis Bryson) and Doctor Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn) are all part of the revival cast.

Plus, some characters who died in the original series — Ray Wise (Leland Palmer) and Walter Olkewicz (Jacques Renault) — are also set to return.

The "Twin Peaks" revival series debuts on Showtime in 2017.


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