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This Is The Fall Crop Top All The Celebs Are Wearing

Netizen24.com – Entertainment News today: This Is the Fall Crop Top All the Celebs Are Wearing

This just in: Crop tops aren’t just for summer.

You might think the midriff-baring trend you’ve been sporting all-day, every day is too chilly for brisk fall/winter weather, but Bella Hadid, Serena Williams and Gigi Hadid are here to prove you otherwise. 

The $795 hot-off-the-runway Versace cropped striped sweater (and the Versus Versace version Gigi wore) has struck a cord with these three style stars. And while that particular top may be just out of your price range, let its appeal inspire one that isn’t. 

What exactly is so appealing about the cropped top? First and foremost: It may not look practical, but since your arms and neck are one of the first extremities to really feel the cold, it’s actually going to keep you pretty toasty. So with those bases covered, a little tummy action ain’t no thang. 

The other major factor is, when it comes to this particular top, it’s 95 percent wool a.k.a. super warm. So when you’re looking for a more affordable garment, the thicker, the better. 

Ready to shop for one of your own? Start scrolling for some budget-friendly buys.

Topshop Long Sleeve Knitted Crop Top, $50

Zara Striped Top, $36

Adidas Originals Cropped Long Sleeve Sweatshirt, $62

Fenty Puma x Rihanna Rising Sun Lace-Up Hoodie, $150

H&M Short Jersey Top, $15

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