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Watch: Wife of Navy SEAL Ryan Owens applauded for more than 2 minutes during Trump speech

During his speech to Congress on Tuesday, in the most emotional moment, President Trump recognized the widow of Navy SEAL William Ryan Owens, provoking a standing ovation that lasted longer than two minutes. “Ryan’s legacy is etched into eternity,” Trump said as the chamber stood up and applauded Carryn Owens, …

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Zoe Saldana Said Some Controversial Things About Donald Trump That Has The Internet Talking

Zoe Saldana, with President Obama’s final days in the White House and the Internet buzzing about Trump’s inauguration celebration, has decided to speak up and voice her thoughts on the president-elect in an AFP interview, which we were never expecting this from the actress. “We got cocky and became arrogant …

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Gigi Hadid’s Melania Trump impersonation bashed by social media critics

The super model Gigi Hadid will be the next to feel the Twitter wrath of President-elect Donald Trump. His fellow supporters have made their sentiments known on social media, bashing Hadid for impersonating the future first lady Melania Trump during hosting the Sunday’s night American Music Awards. Hadid alongside with …

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Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui Writes Open Letter to Trump Supporters, Comes Out as Bisexual

CREDIT: Isaac Brekken/Getty Images The Fifth Haromny’s personel, Lauren Jauregui, is still working through feelings like the most of people about Donald Trump’s election result as the U.S. President. For some people whose identities encompass way more beyond entertainment or pop culture, for Jauregui it meas a passionate open letter …

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Plot Twist: CNN Now Saying That Donald Trump Will Win The Popular Vote

UPDATE: The popular vote poises to Hillary Clinton to win it, while the CNN’s projection for Trump turns out, be a design flaw ***Original Post*** Now, CNN is projecting that Donald Trump will win the popular vote when all ballots are counted, But so far, Clinton currently is ahead by about 300,000 votes. …

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Protests Erupt After Donald Trump Presidential Projection

Noah Berger/ReutersWATCH Protests Erupt After Donald Trump’s Presidential Projection Protest erupted after the Republican nominee, Donald Trump was projected to be the next president of U.S. early this morning. Though there were protest elsewhere in the country, including Washington, D.C., the West Coast appeared to have the most activity, because …

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Carl Bernstein: Trump wins if ‘alternate universe’ of Drudge is right

Carl Bernstein, legendary journalist, called conservative website Drudge Report as an alternate universe on Tuesday that helps lead a big part of the electorate. “The alternative universe of Drudge, alt-right, the different press and social media that we have seen almost dominate to some extent a big part of the electorate …

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David Duke: Trump win a great victory for ‘our people’

David Duke is saying the electoral victory of Donald Trump was one of the most exciting nights of his life. Former Ku Klux Klan leader, who unsuccessfully ran for Louisiana Senate, took Twitter on early Wednesday saying that his supporters played a great part in paving Trump’s road to the …

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Topless Women Arrested During Trump Protest Inside His Midtown Polling Place

Two naked women were arrested as they shouted about Donald Trump inside the Midtown polling place where the day is scheduled for Trump’s vote. An NYPD spokesperson confirmed that two women whose age 28 and 30, entered the polling site around 8:50 a.m. Tuesday at PS 59 on East 56th Street. Once they got …

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Karen McDougal: 5 Things To Know About The Playmate Trump Allegedly Had An Affair With

1. Karen McDougal allegedly had an affair with Donald Trump. The 45-year-old woman allegedly had an affair with Republican presidential nominee for ten month between 2006 and 2007, at the same time he was still married to Melania Trump, 46, his current wife. 2. She’s sold her story to The National …

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