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Supermarket chain hilariously mocks Amazon – CNET

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And to think that Amazon imagined its version was a revolution.

When you're eating vast chunks of the retail world, it's inevitable that some see you as the big, bad wolf.

Or, in Amazon's case, as the big, bad online retailer that's stifling the life out of seemingly ever physical retailer in the world.

Some competitors prefer to chuckle at Amazon's omnivorousness.

France's Monoprix, for example. It took one look at Amazon's latest idea, its Amazon Go store and snorted. This new Amazon concept involves walking in, taking what you want and just walking out.

Monoprix, a sizable chain itself, has had a service called Livraison à Domicile+ for the last 10 years. This you may know as home delivery with a little bit extra.

Essentially, you walk around the store, choose what you want, then leave it all in the store for the staff to deliver it to you. It's stunningly lazy and therefore faintly modern.

To advertise it, Monoprix mocks Amazon's concept.

"Over 10 years ago," says the ad, "we were wondering what would shopping look like if you could walk into a store, pick up what you want and just go." No, you'd never have to wait in line. How revolutionary would that be?

"No lines, no checkouts, no registers," says the ad. These sounded like Amazon's words, but no. To think Amazon imagines it got there first. How funny.

Monoprix created this revolutionary concept using a technology that's been around for a long time. It's called human technology.

You don't even need to use an app. You fill your basket, roll it up to the checkout and then walk out. An hour later, it's at your house, delivered by a human being.

I wondered what Amazon thought of this touch of French humor at its expense. The company didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

I cannot wait for Monoprix's next, which will surely have at least one Amazon drone joke in it. Then again, Audi has already mocked that amazing Amazon concept.

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