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Our first look at Stephen Merchant’s Caliban in Logan is all white and smooth

Earlier this month, the concrete details of the upcoming third movie of Wolverine which directed by James Mangold’s Logan. In the upcoming movie, we found out that Hugh Jackman will be playing as an older and drunker incarnation of Wolverine who lives in a near future where the mutant kids has been weaponized by a government-type organization which also is being used them to do the bad stuff. Wolverine now takes care of an aging Professor X who loses his telepathic abilities instead of kills children with his metal claws. Stephan Merchant in this movie will act as Caliban, an albino mutant, assisting Logan. Caliban has a power which involves locating other mutants.

Mangold has uploaded a photo of Merchant as Caliban in Twitter, which if you imagine the guy in the photo above suddenly appears with no hair and pale skin.

Even though this doesn’t tell anything about Logan, at least we know that how it would be like if being haunted by the ghost of Stephen Merchant.

For the X-Men fans, they have noticed before that the character of Caliban which already appeared in X-Men: Apocalypse, but the actor which played this character is Tómas Lemarquis. This is prompting many speculations that Logan takes place in the original pre-Days Of Future Past timeline or even in a third timeline that previously has been mucked up in some new way.  But actually there is only few possibilities. One, it is possible if people making Logan didn’t realize or car that Caliban was already existed in another movie, or the X-Men universe allows to have two guys with similar superpowers who really dig The Tempest.

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