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Nick Viall Is Stealing Santa Claus’ Look In Latest Promo For The Bachelor

Netizen24.com – Entertainment Daily Report: Nick Viall Is Stealing Santa Claus’ Look in Latest Promo for The Bachelor

Sorry Santa, you’ve been replaced by another Nick.

First, he was shirtless in the shower, then he was acting a little naughty, and now, Nick Viall is taking over for Santa Claus in ABC’s third and final holiday-themed promo for the new season of The Bachelor, premiering on Monday, Jan. 2

“This time of year, everyone wants to see the guy in the red suit,” the voice-over says in E! News’ exclusive video above, before going on to clarify: “You know, with a beard, named Nick, maybe sit on his lap.” 

While many ladies may be looking to sit on Nick’s lap after his three seasons in the franchise (two on The Bachelorette, one on Bachelor in Paradise), Nick knows what he wants to find in his future wife. 

“He’s always been attracted to strong, confident women,” the 35-year-old’s childhood friend Marcos Hernandez told us. “Women who know what they want. You watch these shows and you can tell some of the women, they don’t know what they’re looking for. I don’t think that interests Nick.”

And another source added Nick is interested in “someone who knows their self-worth. Someone who can call him out if he needs it,” the source added. “He’s tough, he can take criticism. I just don’t think he wants someone passive.”

The Bachelor returns Monday, Jan. 2 on ABC.

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