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Jennifer Lawrence Panned For ‘disrespectful’ Hawaii Story

Netizen24.com – Top news: Jennifer Lawrence panned for ‘disrespectful’ Hawaii story

The typically Lawrencian yarn rang hollow online, with many critics pointing out it seemed, well, pretty culturally insensitive.
“That time Jennifer Lawrence bragged about defiling sacred Hawaiian stones,” someone wrote.
“She really thought this was funny…” said someone else, who also called her “white and evil.”
Lawrence told the same story on “Live with Kelly and Michael” in 2013, and she said she didn’t know at the time that the rocks were sacred. However, for many people, that wasn’t the point.
“The thing about what JLaw was saying is, she’s kind of implying why the rocks were sacred was some silly/dumb “savage” thing,” one person tweeted.
Twitter critics are calling on the actress to apologize for her comments.

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