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How To Create A Cartoon Character With Photomanipulation & Retouching

We will be covering a lot of things in this massive tutorial. You will learn step by step how you can create any cartoon character you imagine using photomanipulation, retouching and color grading techniques. With only Photoshop and stock photos (or your own) you can create a unique caricature that can be a logo, a mascot for a product, a character in an ad, etc.. You can of course use the same techniques explained in this tutorial, in a more subtle way, to spice up your portraits or images. This tutorial has a massive 89 steps detailing the entire process to achieve the image above and don’t worry, all my tutorials can be done by anyone who has basic knowledge of Photoshop. Unlike other tutorials you’ll sometimes see out there, you don’t need to be a skilled digital painter to achieve the same results I get here – as I’m not a good digital painter myself 😉

Different retouching techniques and tricks that will help you transform regular people into eye-popping characters. In this Photoshop tutorial, we will enhance the facial features of the man and the woman giving them a funny cartoonish look perfect for our artwork. We will then work on colors and add a background that will mesh well with our characters. In this case, I choose a background that would give the impression that those two were in an insane asylum! Explore different techniques, like color isolation, to bring out the contrast of the skintones, as well as the contrast between the shadows and highlights. We will also focus on bringing out the details of the facial features and hair to make our photo come alive! For this tutorial, we will work on the portrait of a small child as the techniques we’ll use here are perfect for single and family portrait. The results you will get will from applying this knowledge to your photo editing will surely amaze your clients, or your family!

A basic studio photo and create a completely different, much darker environment, add sources of lights and create a cool smoky vapor effect which will give our photo the look of a commerical poster featuring a celebrity athlete. By mastering the Photoshop techniques shown in this tutorial, you will be able to create any mood you wish for your photos even though they were taken in a bright environment! You will also learn how to create light effects that will make your photos “pop” and grabs everyone’s attention!. Start with an unretouched portrait of a girl, a photo anyone can take at home with their camera and transform it into some sort of fantasy character. We will go through every step I took to get the final result, from working on the skin, color grading, lighting and finishing with the background. With the techniques you’ll master after completing this Photoshop tutorial, you will be able to create many different looks for your portraits, whether you just want a subtle enhancement or you really want to push it and transform your portrait into something that is out of this world!

A cool self-portrait from NikxStock and with the help of Photoshop, we will transform it into some sort of flashy, punk rock, studio shot portrait! By creating and starting off with a high dynamic range base, we will then be able to build up a unique look by adding up different retouching and color grading techniques. In this detailed 3-hour Video Tutorial, I will show you step by step how you can turn an average Joe into a surreal eye-popping character using advanced retouching techniques. We will also be working on adding light effects to the image, adding a rim light around our character and then color grading our scene to make it look rather creepy. This Photoshop tutorial will benefit anyone who wants to take their game to the next level when it comes to creative portrait retouching!

Use advanced color grading techniques to transform a photo that desperately needs more punch into an high impact image that could be used in a magazine ad for example. By using different techniques to exaggerate to contrasts and accentuate the colors, we can give our photo a sort of “painted” look that is very popular right now with commercial photographers. If you want to take your photography to another level, this tutorial will show show step by step how to edit your photos like the pros. And if you are a graphic designer, the knowledge you will learn in this Photoshop tutorial will further help you to create eye-popping art! ALSO, because we dramatically enhances the contrast and details of the photo, this technique becomes perfect for anyone who wants to create stunning Black & White photos. Video games these days are more and more realistic and a lot of attention is put on the esthetics of their 3D characters. In this 2 hour+ Video Tutorial, we will transform a portrait of a regular guy into something that look straight out of the latest video game. And of course, if you want something that looks a little more realistic, we can easily tone down the effects while keeping a very original look!

In this Photoshop tutorial we will use advanced retouching techniques that you can use to create that same sleek/artistic look for any portraits.

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