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Heidi And Spencer Are For Real Going To Be Parents

Netizen24.com – Entertainment Headline Report: Heidi and Spencer are for real going to be parents

Montag even released an album titled “Superficial.”
The couple have admitted that some things weren’t real.
In a 2014 E! special “After Shock: Heidi & Spencer” the couple revealed they staged fights on “The Hills” and sold false stories of their splitting to tabloids.
“Spencer and I would have fake break-ups and fake fights as it was our only chance of getting paid and we absolutely regret that now,” Montag said. “That was why people thought that our relationship wasn’t genuine and that was all our own fault.”
But the pair, who will celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary on April 25, are set to have their first child in October and naturally shared their good news via a cover story in Us Weekly.
Pratt, 33, told the publication he found out when he awoke to his wife standing at their bedside.
“The look on her face, I can’t even describe it,” he said. “She was literally glowing. I thought she was about to say she made muffins or banana bread.”
Montag, 30, told Faithwire last year she “had to pray to get my husband to even…agree to have a kid” but was hopeful about their starting a family.
“You know the excitement of it (but) you know it is not so easy, not everyone can just have kids whenever they want, you know there is a lot of hardship and prayers and certain things you have to put in to that,” she said.

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