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Ellen DeGeneres Seduces Jamie Dornan with Office Supplies in Their Hilarious Fifty Shades Spoof

Host Ellen DeGeneres knows how to turn sexy into silly — trade the toys Jamie Dornan’s character on Fifty Shades of Grey film in the bedroom for Scotch tape and staplers.

DeGeneres presented an idea for a fourth movie of the sequels, thought the  Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed were filmed back-to-back, entitled  Fifty Shades Darkest, and used the series’ leading man to act out a scene when he visited her show for the parody.

Dornan, donning a  wig to cover his newly shaved head, is relaxing on a bed when DeGeneres enters the room the bedroom in a seductive Staples worker costume, complete with fake breasts.

“I assume you like a girl in a uniform,” she said.

Then, she takes out her bag of tricks, attempting to tantalize Dornan with a stapler remover, but he is not feeling it.

“You know, I’m not really into that,” the 34-year-old actor says. “I don’t really think anybody’s into that.”

Dornan is much more receptive, when the talk-show host pulls out a stapler, allowing the TV personality to restrain him to the headboard by using Scotch tape.

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Even though his character, Christian Grey would probably find a way to use a stapler in the bedroom, the actor admits that he is much less experienced than his character.

“The funny thing is, pretty much everything you find in the red room, you’ve used a version of, but not for the same effect,” he explained. “Like, it’s more for riding a horse or something. Or doing up a bag that’s particularly full and if you’re using a buckle. That kind of thing. You have the skill set and you kind of surprise yourself. Most of it — I have to admit — I was very green about all that stuff.”

The actor also passed on taking the toys home to Amelia Warner, his wife.

“I don’t think she wants a used prop,” he said.

Fifty Shades Darker premiers in theaters Feb. 10.

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