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Boyne City Public Schools Using Virtual Reality in the Classroom

To help students explore across the world and beyond, it needs a new technology to make it happen, and Boyne City Public Schools has it.

The district provided a classroom set of virtual reality goggles to take learning to new heights. 9 & 10’s Blayke Roznowski and photojournalist Noak Jurik take us there for seeing the students’ first experience.

“I was like, ‘whoa,’ it feels like I’m actually there,” Boyne City Middle School eighth grade student Jaelyn Jarema said.

The Boyne City Middle Schools of eight grade students were in Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela in which all within a few minutes.

The virtual reality technology is hoped to give an expansion in learning opportunities.

“We thought, educationally, I wonder what, if there’s an avenue for those,” Boyne City Middle School principal and district technology chair Mike Wilson said. “Sure enough there was a Google Expeditions kit, it’s called, and you can go just about anywhere with those.”

The virtual reality goggles allow teachers to take kids from inside the classroom to places all  over the world.

“In our Spanish class we get to see places that we’re learning about and we’re watching a movie and it’s like all animated, so getting to see it in real life is really cool,” Jarema said.

Even the school was able to sell older iPads, and buy the V.R. goggles.

Now, they are looking forward showing students more than they’ve ever expected.

“We went underwater,” Wilson said. “We got to explore different parts of the human anatomy from the inside, it’s pretty cool so. We also got to go over to like the Aztec ruins and see some of those places virtually.”

One of the students, Jaely Jarema got to try it for the first time on Monday.

“The coolest one, I thought, was the waterfall because you’re like floating and you get to see everything,” Jarema said. “It just seems like you’re there and like some places I actually want to go.”

Well, it is just the beginning of endless possibilities.

“This is just the start and there is the opportunity, as we progress, for teachers to actually make their own lessons with the software,” Wilson said.

“I’m really excited to see what else we can like look at,” Jarema said, “and what places we can go.”

Source: 9and10news

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