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‘Birth Of A Nation’ Protesters Hold Vigil

Netizen24.com – Entertainment News metro: ‘Birth of a Nation’ protesters hold vigil

“Nate Parker and Fox Searchlight, I am your audience,” the posting said. “I refuse to give you my money or my praise for this film. I refuse to support a project that insists on treating me and other survivors of rape as plot accessories. I refuse to have my story written and glorified for the advancement of a man who refuses to support my right to exist of my own truth.”
FRC founder Remy Holwick told Variety the event was not meant “to shame Nate Parker or shame the film.”
“The goal tonight is to show that there is space in Hollywood to both celebrate a film that has incredible promise for people of color advancing in Hollywood while simultaneously creating space for those that wish to honor victims of rape and sexual assault,” Holwick said.

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