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Adam Sandler Will Do Four More Movies For Netflix

Netizen24.com – Entertainment Headline Report: Adam Sandler will do four more movies for Netflix Sandler’s next film, “Sandy Wexler,” is set to debut on Netflix on April 14. Netflix likens this movie to Sandler’s hits “The Wedding Singer” and “50 First Dates,” both of which starred Drew Barrymore. In “Sandy …

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North Korea Ready To Conduct Nuclear Test, US Officials Say

Netizen24.com – Top news: North Korea ready to conduct nuclear test, US officials say North Korea also continues to move equipment and personnel that could be used to launch ballistic missiles, the US officials said. They caution, however, it’s impossible for the United States to know when a mobile launch …

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Southern Lights Put On Show For Passengers On Special Flight

Netizen24.com – Latest news: Southern Lights put on show for passengers on special flight “The solar wind interacts with gas ions high in the Earth’s atmosphere and causes them to become ‘excited,’ or energized, releasing the colors that we see in the Aurora,” said CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller. Viewing the …

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Putin Meets French Far-right Candidate Marine Le Pen At Kremlin

Netizen24.com – Headline News: Putin meets French far-right candidate Marine Le Pen at Kremlin Closer to Russia The only French presidential candidate to meet with Putin, Le Pen is one of the front-runners in the French election. The first round of voting will be held April 23. She openly wants …

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Clinton Gives Impassioned Eulogy At McGuinness Funeral

Netizen24.com – Latest news: Clinton gives impassioned eulogy at McGuinness funeral “So that’s what he did, he persevered, and he prevailed. He risked the rejection of his comrades and the wrath of his adversaries. He made honorable compromises and was strong enough to keep them, and came to be trusted …

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ISIS Has Mastered The Art Of Creating Lone Wolves

Netizen24.com – Daily Report: ISIS has mastered the art of creating lone wolves After 86 people were killed in the Nice truck attack in July 2016, ISIS said in a statement the assailant was acting “in response to calls to target nationals of the coalition which is fighting the Islamic …

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