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Ukraine Seeks Clues In Killing Of Kremlin Critic

Netizen24.com – News metro: Ukraine seeks clues in killing of Kremlin critic The shooting apparently was captured on security camera footage released by RBK Ukraine, a media company, and circulated on social media. In the video, two men walking down the street — one in a dark-colored coat and the …

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Five Months, Eight Prominent Russians Dead

Netizen24.com – Report today: Five months, eight prominent Russians dead Russian politician who fled to Ukaine shot dead Denis Voronenkov, 45, was gunned down Thursday outside a hotel in Kiev. Voronenkov and his wife both spoke out against Putin after they left Russia for Ukraine in October. Voronenkov also helped …

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Opinion: When Putin’s Your Neighbor, The Russian Threat Is Chilling

Netizen24.com – Daily Report: Opinion: When Putin’s your neighbor, the Russian threat is chilling Since his election, President Trump has done little to halt the growing confidence of Russian President Vladimir Putin. For those of us in the Russian “spheres of interest,” this carries potentially chilling consequences. Timeline: What we …

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London Attack Police Officer Pictured Hours Before Death

Netizen24.com – Report metro: London attack police officer pictured hours before death “We called an Uber after lunch and when the Uber turned the corner, a man came up to the window yelling at our driver that there was a shooting,” she said. “Initially, it was panic and chaos since …

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