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Lena Dunham Debuts Slimmer Look

Netizen24.com – Entertainment News metro: Lena Dunham debuts slimmer look “When it became something that actually gave me pleasure, I was shocked,” Dunham said. ” Also, endorphins are real. You run with someone for an hour, you feel pretty good.” Working out has also helped her deal with painful endometriosis …

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Julie Andrews: Rescue The Arts From The Budget Chopping Block

Netizen24.com – Entertainment Daily Report: Julie Andrews: Rescue the arts from the budget chopping block /* global CNN, Modernizr */’use strict’;CNN.INJECTOR.executeFeature(‘video’).then(function () {CNN.VideoPlayer.handleUnmutePlayer = function handleUnmutePlayer(containerId, dataObj) {‘use strict’;var playerPropertyObj,rememberTime,unmuteCTA,unmuteIdSelector = ‘unmute_’ + containerId,isPlayerMute;dataObj = dataObj || {};isPlayerMute = (typeof dataObj.muted === ‘boolean’) ? dataObj.muted : false;if (CNN.VideoPlayer.playerProperties && CNN.VideoPlayer.playerProperties[containerId]) …

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Blow To Europe’s Populists As Rutte Wins Dutch Election

Netizen24.com – Headline Report: Blow to Europe’s populists as Rutte wins Dutch election Rutte is greeted by supporters as he arrives to make a speech following his victory in the Dutch general election on March 15. {“@context”: “http://schema.org”,”@type”: “ImageObject”,”name”: “Rutte is greeted by supporters as he arrives to make a …

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The Biggest Unsolved Mysteries In Hollywood

Netizen24.com – Entertainment News update: The Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in Hollywood Once upon a midnight dreary, while we pondered, weak and weary…what’s really going on behind the scenes in Hollywood? That’s because no matter how good a source is, no matter how deep a reporter digs, no matter how iron-clad …

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Populism On The Rise? Netherlands Gears Up For Vote

Netizen24.com – News metro: Populism on the rise? Netherlands gears up for vote What you need to know about the Dutch election Rise of populism The Netherlands vote will be studied for insight into a wider populist trend in Europe and elsewhere. Europe is teetering on edge of change, and …

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