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Latest Magazine Videos The Internet Is Having a Field Day With These Kellyanne Conway Outfit Memes

Kellyanne Conway wore a red, white, and blue coat and red hat for Trump’s inauguration on Friday morning, that she dubbed Trump Revolutionary Wear. President-elect Donald Trump’s incoming counselor and close aide, who managed Trump’s presidential campaign, laughed and did a quick patriotic dance when being asked by reporters about her …

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Jimmy Carter Contemplating Dying Right Here And Now

WASHINGTON—Weighing carefully the pros and cons of each option from the former president Jimmy Carter’s seat onstage at Donald Trump’s inauguration, according to late-breaking reports, is currently contemplating dying right heere and now. “Maybe now’s the time to go,” the 92-year-old reportedly thought to himself on Friday, pondering whether or not …

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MSNBC, ABC hosts deem Trump inaugural address as ‘militant,’ ‘anti-Semitic’

MSNBC and ABC pundits and hosts, immediately following the President Trump’s inaugural addressed, slammed the newly-sworn in President’s speech for its militant and dark anti-Semitic overtones. Rachel Maddow from MSNBC emotionally proclaimed Trump’s slogan, America’s First has “very dark echoes in American history.” “There was an America First Committee that formed in this country, …

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Italy Bus Crash Leaves More Than A Dozen Dead – Report metro: Italy bus crash leaves more than a dozen dead First responders immediately rushed to the scene, where they remained through the night. Authorities are investigating the cause of the accident. Sumber:, set News , Photos, Profile, Video, Artist & Celebrity World complete.

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Italy Avalanche: All Known Survivors Pulled From Rubble – Headline News: Italy avalanche: All known survivors pulled from rubble Marcella tells CNN that Parete told him: “The mountain came down. Everyone is trapped inside, I survived with another person.” Marcella then called police, but he said his plea for help was “dismissed.” At the time of the …

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